Back by Popular Demand!

So many people have asked me to put my website back, that I have given in to popular demand and asked my website designer (right) if he could rebuild it just as it was – and here it is!

Thank you, Colin.

9 Responses to “Back by Popular Demand!”

  1. Cedar says:

    Thank you from all of us Colin….glad you are back Jenny….

  2. mazzaus says:

    Thanks for restoring your blog. It is a lovely resource even if you are too busy to post regularly. I love your books too.

  3. Thank goodness! I didn’t want to remove the link from my blog and stop recommending people read what you’ve written here! We all have “quiet” times on the blog, people don’t mind, we know you’re busy with “things”
    Glad you’re back! Happy Christmas!

  4. Ana Roquero says:

    We did miss your generosity! It’s lucky to have you back again!

  5. clothogancho says:

    Thank you Jenny, I’m so happy you come back !

  6. What a treat to find that you are back Jenny!
    Your website is a delight and has so much fascinating information.
    The Gotland sheep had a difficult summer due to the endless rain. Lets hope that this year is kinder so that i can send you some fleece!
    Wishing you a happy and healthy New Year.

  7. neki rivera says:

    was so very sad and now i’m thrilled with the good news