P.S. to “Fungi Again”

The mushrooms which gave such a good yellow have re-appeared on the grass at the front of our house, so I have photographed them in case anyone is able to identify them. I think they may be a species of  Hygrocybe.

These mushrooms gave a lovely bright yellow in the dyebath.

These mushrooms gave a lovely bright yellow in the dyebath.

5 Responses to “P.S. to “Fungi Again””

  1. Helen Melvin says:

    The yellow is very good but I have no idea on the fungi ! I am hopeless in the fungi department.

  2. yvette says:

    You moved to a great part of your country!

  3. Jane says:

    I am always a bit scared of dyeing with fungi as I have absolutely no idea how to tell a safe one from a poisonous one, though I suppose I could buy some at the greengrocers and try those – seems a bit of a waste!

    I have wondered about using some of the rather more exotic dried fungi available from the health food shop – anyone tried them?

    • jennydean.co.uk says:

      In my limited experience, the fresh & dried mushrooms bought for eating tend to give mainly browns & tans, so I’d rather eat them!

  4. else says:

    i’m afraid that is hard to identify the mushrooms from your photo. many of the characters that help in identification are under the cap. and i’m very curious to see what they look like!