Re-issue of the UK edition of “Wild Colour” in hardback

I’m delighted to report that the UK edition of my book Wild Colour will be available in hardback from December 6th 2018. It has a new cover but the contents remain the same. Below is an extract from the publisher’s press release.



Jenny Dean

Mitchell Beazley | £16.99 | 6 December 2018

Wild Colour is a celebration of the wealth of natural dyes that can be obtained from plants, from the common marigold to rhubarb.

This practical and inspiring guide to creating and using natural dyes from plants offers information on current environmentally friendly dyeing techniques and more than 65 species of plants and natural dyestuffs.

This comprehensive book outlines how to:

  • Select fibres and plant parts
  • Choose the right methods for mordanting and dyeing
  • Obtain a range of gorgeous colours from every plant

Wild Colour is the all-in-one resource for fibre enthusiasts, including knitters, sewers and weavers, gardeners who are interested in new uses for traditional dye plants and eco-conscious DIYers who want authoritative information about the natural dyeing process and the plants that are essential for it.

About the Author

Jenny Dean has been working with natural dyes for four decades. She lectures on natural dyeing and has written widely on the subject. Her books include Colours from Nature and A Heritage of Colour.

For more information please contact Ellen Bashford on: or 020 3122 6701 136