Tablet Weaving Improvement?

I have been trying to follow the advice on tablet weaving, given to me in comments from some experienced weavers. The problem seemed to be that I had been approaching tablet weaving in rather the same way as I approached tapestry weaving in the past, so I had left the weft far too loose and not pulled it in tightly enough. Clearly this was incorrect, so I've been trying to make the weaving much tighter.

I hope the photos below will show some improvement in my technique, although I can see that there is still room for further improvement.











7 Responses to “Tablet Weaving Improvement?”

  1. quinn says:

    I think it looks very nice – and the colors are lovely!

  2. Harma says:

    You've got it now. This looks great.

  3. Maggie Stearn says:

    Hi Jenny,
    As you say, you've got it right now. You really can't pull the weft too tight when tablet weaving. The Thickeness of the warps dictate the width of your band. You probably can imagine the weft going from side to side in a straight line and the warps undulating over and under the weft, as snug as bugs in a rug.
    How is the wool working. I hate tablet weaving with wool but probably the quality of the yarn has a lot to do with whether they get sticky when turning the tablets. Have fun. Have you a finished project in mind?

  4. Shani says:

    Nice colour combination… I love this kind of weaving.
    Best wishes

  5. Diana says:

    Hey Jenny,
    I can surely see a lot of improvement here 🙂 And you've got beautiful colours and a rather interesting pattern going on here. 
    Still need to keep an eye on those edges, but other than that – practice makes purrrfect. 
    My own little looming project, first one where I'm using my natural dyed yarn. 🙂

  6. Love the colors-looks beautiful to me