PS Milly’s Doll

This is the doll I've knitted for Milly, so she has one rather like her new baby sister's doll.

I hope Milly will approve of her!

A new arrival

I'm afraid I still haven't managed to do much dyeing since we moved to West Sussex but I have found time to knit some items for my daughter's second child, Isabella, who was born on March 19th and is a sister for Milly. The photos below show:

1. A small blanket for the pushchair. It was knitted in a mixture of wool, silk and cashmere in a soft grey colour and decorated with a few crocheted flowers.

2.  A (rather scary?) monkey, knitted at my daughter's request.

3. A doll that granddaughter Milly has rather taken to, so I'm now knitting one for her as well!

All the coloured yarns have been dyed with natural dyes, of course!



Tablet Weaving Improvement?

I have been trying to follow the advice on tablet weaving, given to me in comments from some experienced weavers. The problem seemed to be that I had been approaching tablet weaving in rather the same way as I approached tapestry weaving in the past, so I had left the weft far too loose and not pulled it in tightly enough. Clearly this was incorrect, so I've been trying to make the weaving much tighter.

I hope the photos below will show some improvement in my technique, although I can see that there is still room for further improvement.