Ditchling course update

Sadly, because of the Coronavirus the Ditchling Museum of Art and Craft is closed and the natural dyeing course is on hold until the situation improves. We had reached the halfway mark and we will continue the sessions as soon as we can.

In the meantime I have suggested some “homework” projects and I and all the students will keep in touch via social media and online meetings.

The samples from the last session are not yet available but below are some photos from an ongoing project, led by Fiona Eastwood, one of the course students who also volunteers in the museum dye garden. The photos show some of the dyed fabric for bunting, which will be made to decorate the garden on open days. Some of the pieces will be decorated too. The fabric used is wool from old woollen blankets, which take the dye beautifully and should be fairly robust. So each time we make a dye bath some pieces of fabric for bunting are added to the dye pot.

All the photos were taken by Fiona Eastwood.

Results from logwood and sappanwood

Results from sappanwood

Results from madder

Woad and weld with decorations

Woad and weld and weld overdyed with indigo for green.