Reprint of A Heritage of Colour

After much thought, I have decided to reprint my book A Heritage of Colour, which was published by Search Press and has been out of print for a few years.

As the copyright is mine, I am able to reprint it, but at my own expense, so I hope it will be well received. It has a new cover design and I have chosen to have it produced with a spiral binding, so the book will lie flat when in use.

A Heritage of Colour is a book that I really enjoyed writing, as it contains so much that is close to my heart.

It has all the basic natural dyeing information but it differs from my other books in several respects. Firstly, it has a historical slant and one of my starting points was the report on the technical analysis of dyed textile fragments from the Iron Age site at Hallstatt in Austria. The results of this analysis inspired me to carry out a series of experiments which are described in the book. Another feature of this new book is its focus on the use of native and easily-grown or gathered plants. Over 50 plants are featured  and the dyeing methods used in the experiments can be used for any plants, not only those featured in the book. A Heritage of Colour also has sections on contact dyeing on fabric using plant materials, dyeing with frozen flowers and creating multi-coloured skeins and fabrics. In addition, there are sections on using lichen and fungi for dyeing. The book has over 250 colour photographs, including photos of dyed samples for each plant.

Signed copies of this book will be available directly from me and from the shop at Ditchling Museum, which also offers a mail order service.

Contact me if you would like to purchase a copy from me. (Just click on Contact Jenny on the home page)