Ditchling Museum natural dyeing course 2023


I am delighted to announce that application forms are now available for the next Ditchling Museum natural dyeing course, which starts at the end of March. The closing date for applications is March 1st.

For more details and to apply, go to the museum website and click on “Learning”


Natural Dyeing Course with Jenny Dean and Jacqui Symons– 2023

12 sessions over six months from 26th March – 3rd September, with 6 in-person whole day sessions at the Museum on a Sunday and 6 online sessions via Zoom, also on a Sunday, of 2 to 3 hours each.

The aim of this comprehensive course is to teach participants how to prepare and use dyes from natural materials to dye both animal and vegetable fibres. You will learn how to follow best practices to produce a full spectrum of consistent, reliable colours. We will cover a wide range of mordanting and dyeing techniques and the use of colour modifiers; the dyes used will include all the classic traditional dyes, such as madder, weld, cochineal and indigo. Participants will learn how to grow, harvest, prepare and use plants for dyeing, using the Museum’s dye garden as a resource.

Jacqui Symons is a printmaker and will also be tutoring on the course. The course will also feature tuition in surface dyeing techniques from creative artist Ross Belton, who will be teaching and demonstrating contact dyeing.

This will be a hands-on course and the emphasis throughout will be on reliable, safe, environmentally friendly methods. All materials required for the taught components of the course will be provided, including some for personal experiments between sessions. Participants will also be able to bring some of their own materials for small samples.