More photos of the garden

A month has passed since I last posted photos of the garden, so here are a few more.

blog IMG_5387

The blue globes of echinops are so welcome as the summer progresses

blog IMG_5390

Meadowsweet is a lovely plant which smells delicious; I will also use it in the dye pot later.

blog IMG_5331

I wish I knew the name of this rose, which was here when we moved in and looks so lovely against the ivy.

blog IMG_5343

The hot shades of helenium are always a summer joy

blog IMG_5335

Saw-wort nearly ready to harvest for the dye pot

blog IMG_5339

Feverfew and Lychnis coronaria – so pretty together

blog IMG_5341

The scent of lavender fills the air and the bees love it

dyer's broom blog IMG_5348

Dyer’s broom just before harvesting

dyer's chamomile blog IMG_5322

The only dyer’s chamomile flowers I managed to save from the slugs & snails

goldenrod blog IMG_5352

Goldenrod is always welcome in my garden – and in the dye pot

hypericum blog IMG_5344

Hypericum flowers profusely and spreads happily. I sometimes use the prunings in the dye pot and they give pretty yellows – as if I don’t have enough sources of yellow!