A new book from Helen Melvin

In an earlier post I wrote about some of Helen Melvin’s booklets on different aspects of natural dyeing and I was delighted to notice that she has added another title to her list. This latest one, “Colours of the World – Eco Dyeing”, deals with mordanting and dyeing using methods which include cool mordanting, solar dyeing, patterning with rust, water bath dyeing and fermentation dyeing.

As usual, Helen offers some interesting ideas for experiments and writes in a way which is sure to leave dyers keen to embark on colour discoveries. The photos of the dyed materials add to the impact of the book, which should be of interest to both new and experienced dyers. It has certainly inspired me to experiment with some of her methods.

This is Helen’s new booklet which, like all her others, has a beautiful hand-painted cover.

For more details and to purchase a copy, click on the link to Fiery Felts, under the heading “Useful Websites”.

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  1. cedar
    cedar says:

    I got Helen's book a few months ago and that makes three of her's that I have purchased and they are great reference books to have in the dyer's library, right along side of yours.  We are so lucky to have you women out there keeping track of things for us, and then sharing it all.  Thanks so much, I have referred to both of your books just today, while mordanting and dyeing with my shrooms I just picked. 

  2. Helen Melvin
    Helen Melvin says:

    Hi Jenny thank you so much for this post.  I have not been blogging recently so had not noticed it.  however I had wondered why I was suddenly selling more books! Many thanks. Helen

  3. Jitka
    Jitka says:

    I bought this booklet few days ago and I am glad I did. It’s filled with good and simple ideas and I already enjoyed trying them out. Thank you.

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