Colours for My Granddaughter

We have one grandchild, Milly, aged nearly 9 months, and I am privileged in that I am allowed to knit for her. Many of my friends have been told that their grandchildren do not require handknitted garments, so I consider myself fortunate that my daughter regularly asks me to knit something for Milly. This time the request was for a dress and the desired colour scheme is grey and purply pinks. I am so glad that today’s babies wear such a variety of colours and not just the pale blues, pinks and lemons so common in the past.

So, after mordanting the wool skeins in alum, I set to work with the dyepots, using natural dye extracts this time. For the greys I chose Earthues Logwood Grey and for the purple/pinks Earthues Cochineal used with an alkaline modifier. To get more colour variations I added a small amount of Earthues Logwood extract to each exhaust dyebath. Here are the results:


This shows all the dyed skeins – rather too jumbled up for identification.






This shows, on the left, alum-mordanted skeins dyed with Cochineal, and on the right, the alum-mordanted skeins dyed with Logwood Grey. The results of the exhausts + Logwood are at the bottom on each side.



This shows some of the skeins wound into balls.

On the left from top to bottom: Logwood Grey, Logwood Grey exhaust, Logwood Grey exhaust + Logwood

On the right from top to bottom: Cochineal + washing soda modifier, Cochineal exhaust + washing soda modifier, Cochineal exhaust + Logwood (2 skeins including the centre one)

Now I just have to knit the dress!

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  1. holly
    holly says:

    wow! what great colors! if i had a child, and if my mom knit, i would definitely allow her to knit for it. My mom did knit at one point. But i believe she stopped soon after my older sister was born. In any case, your granddaughter is equally as lucky as you are, i believe!

  2. Helen
    Helen says:

    HI Jenny just adore these colours you have created, so pretty and your daughter and Milly are so very fortunate and rich to have you in their lives, for you to have the creativity and willingness to knit for them. One of the things that gives me the greatest pleasure is knitting items for my own six children. We do not have an extended family so I can sincerely appreciate how special you are. Looking forward to seeing the finished dress knitted from these beautiful yarns. 🙂

    I hadnt realised how pretty Logwood grey is before so thank you for sharing the photographs.


    Helen x

  3. Tricia Cook
    Tricia Cook says:

    Hi Jenny,
    What truly wonderful colour combinations, and what a very lucky little girl. I hope that you will allow us to see the finished garments. Bw Tricia

  4. Siri
    Siri says:

    This is going to make a gorgeous dress. Purples are so NOT colors I’m drawn to, but shades like these might change my mind, especially mixed with the greys. Please to share the finished dress, even in progress if you’re so inclined.

  5. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Such beautiful colours, your daughter is lucky to have such a talented Mum. I’m to be a great-aunt later this year (how old does that make me feel and I’m barely 40!), and was told in no uncertain terms that I was not to knit anything as this child was to have only Next, Gap and other “labels”. It must give you so much pleasure to know that your gifts will be loved and treasured.

  6. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    I cannot believe someone would not want a hand knitted outfit for their child! I have never heard of such a thing. Who would not want their child wearing a gift of love from their grandmother, aunt or friend. I’m not a knitter but a quilter and have made my grandsons several quilts which they love. I feel like while their sleeping at night I’m there hugging them.
    I love the colors, I just have one question, I didn’t think logwood was very light fast, are you concerned at all about that?

  7. Andie
    Andie says:

    A very harmonious combination of colours. I agree the logwood grey is very pretty, I have always assumed that one can get that by adding a bit of iron. Will give it a go.
    So very clever to top up the exhausts with more extract.
    Aren’t they wonderfully versitile!
    I am looking forward to seeing the finished knitting.

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