Colours from Eucalyptus gunnii

This image shows some colours from Eucalyptus gunnii leaves. The wool on the left has been mordanted with alum, the wool on the right was unmordanted. From top to bottom, the samples are: no modifier, plus alkaline modifier, plus iron modifier.

NOTE: As it’s usually the alkaline & iron modifiers that give the most interesting results, I limited these tests to these 2 modifiers only. However, I have just read that some eucalyptus dyes react better in an acidic solution, so I may have made the wrong choices. 

NOTE TO SELF: Do not try to take short cuts by not testing samples across the full range of modifiers. The modifiers omitted might be the ones that give the most interesting results.


 This image shows the results of a dyebath of Eucalyptus gunnii bark on alum-mordanted wool (left) & unmordanted wool (right) From top to bottom the samples are: no modifier, plus alkaline modifier, plus iron modifier.

 The same comments on not missing out modifiers apply here.



This image shows all the skeins dyed as in the photos above. Any variations in shade between the photos is because this last photo was taken outdoors, while the other 2 photos were taken indoors. I think the colours in this photo, rather than in the photos taken indoors, are closer to the actual colours of the skeins

I’m afraid I’m still working on my skills as a photographer!

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  1. Tricia Cook
    Tricia Cook says:

    Hi Jenny,
    These are still very lovely variations even if it isn’t the full range. It’ll be a bonus when you do try the Acids. Just seeing your experiments makes me want to do more, I think however I will wait for warmer weather. I need another branch to fall from our willow tree. I wonder what would have happened if I had tried this with modifiers; interesting thoughts. Thanks for inspiring me Jenny. BW Tricia

  2. Alison Daykin
    Alison Daykin says:

    Lovely colours, Jenny. I’ve got the lovely rusty orange from my eucalyptus that blew down a couple of years ago, wish I still had it so that I could try the full range of modifiers!

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