Our Christmas visitors have departed, the decorations have been taken down & my dyepots are ready & waiting. So it’s time for me to brighten the dull January days with some warm, glowing colours from the natural world.

I wish everyone a Happy New Year & I look forward to sharing my dyeing activities with you in 2009.

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  1. Doe
    Doe says:

    Hi Jenny, Happy New year, I so pleased to have found you are blogging.
    I was dyeing madder and some home grown weld with a friend yesterday and we were using your ‘craft of natural dyeing’ book which you signed for me probably at least 12 or 13 years ago when you were speaking to the Devon Guild of spinners and weavers. I was a newish natural dyer then and yes I’m still doing it. I’ve also been experimenting recently with the extracts too.
    So I’m really enjoying your blog.
    Any chance of you coming to speak in NZ?

  2. india flint
    india flint says:

    hello Jenny,
    delighted to have found your pages! am looking forward to having a good rummage…
    best wishes,
    India [a keen brewer of eucalyptus dyes]

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