More Knitted Cushions

 The photos below show some cushions I knitted recently for my daughter, who wanted a “modern design using oranges and blues”. I’m not sure to what extent the patterns I designed can be described as “modern” but at least the colours are right! The dyes I used are my old favourites – madder and indigo.

To achieve an orange shade with madder, I used about 25% madder on an alum mordant and then applied an acidic modifier made with clear vinegar. The paler shades were from the exhaust dyebath.

















The knitting technique I used for the cushions is a form of patchwork I use fairly frequently for cushions and bags. I start off with a square or rectangle, then pick up stitches along one side and knit in that direction for a while. I leave these stitches on a spare needle, or a length  of yarn, and then I pick up stitches from another side and knit back and forth along that edge for a while. And so on. The designs develop as I knit and give me plenty of scope for colour patterning as well.

For the reverse side of these cushions, I dyed some woollen fabric in indigo, cut it to size and then stitched it onto the knitting. I made an opening for the cushion pad by overlapping the edges of fabric, as with a pillowcase, so it will be easy to remove the cushion cover for washing.

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  1. Doe Arnot
    Doe Arnot says:

    They’re lovely Jenny and I appreciate your explanation about how they were knitted. I’m planning some madder dyeing myself soon just have to be patient whilst I ‘age’ my mordanted yarn.

  2. Helen Melvin
    Helen Melvin says:

    Hi Jenny I started off reading about your woad and then I came across your cushions. They are fabulous- really stunning. I love your designs and it really makes me want to take up knitting – something I hover on the edge of.:) Have you considered selling them?

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