Thank you, Leena

As a Christmas gift to myself, I was unable to resist buying some of Leena Riihela’s naturally-dyed skeins of wool. (Click on the link to her website for more details of what Leena has to offer.)

My daughter had asked me to knit a jumper for Milly, my granddaughter, and she wanted something that could be worn outside as an alternative to a coat. The advantage of a jumper is that it has no front-fastening buttons to come undone and I also knew that I’d need to knit something warm enough for outdoor wear and loose enough to enable Milly to wear a T-shirt underneath.

So this is the jumper I knitted. The pattern I made up is so simple, as it consists mainly of rectangles and the sleeves are knitted by picking up stitches around the armholes and working down towards the cuff. The shoulder-opening makes it easy to put on too and I hope my daughter and granddaughter will be pleased.








The wool was dyed mainly in cochineal, with some indigo, and the shades blend in together beautifully. So many thanks to Leena for producing such lovely colours.

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  1. Leena
    Leena says:

    Ooh, Jenny, how nice jumper, just great for a little girl:)
    You mixed the colors together so well, it is always exciting to see what others knit from my yarns.

  2. holly
    holly says:

    i did not need to know about Leena’s yarns! The mitten kits alone make me drool!

    The jumper is great. Fun and playful!

  3. Dot
    Dot says:

    This shows off so well the richness of colour that is possible in natural dyed yarns. I hope your grand daughter will enjoy wearing it, a shoulder opening is very useful for getting things over a little person’s head.

  4. Helen Melvin
    Helen Melvin says:

    The colours are lovely and you are sooo clever to knit it. Lucky lucky daughter and granddaughter. My mother in law knitted for my children and I have never forgotten the bliss of it. bw Helen

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