Thanks and Good Wishes for Christmas and 2011

2010 brought many changes in my life and also the long-awaited reprint of “Wild Colour”, this time in a new, revised edition. Once again, I’d like to express my gratitude to Mary Walker, who arranged the Facebook page for the book, and to all those who supported our efforts to persuade the publishers to reprint “Wild Colour”. Having tried unsuccessfully myself so many times, I know I could certainly not have achieved this on my own. So sincere thanks to you all.

As the holiday season approaches, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Christmas and all the very best for 2011.

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  1. jessica
    jessica says:

    Dear Jenny,

    Merry Christmas! Enjoy a wonderful holiday and all the best for 2011.

    I am so happy to have my own copy of Wild Colour (thank you family for the early Christmas gift!). The book is a treasure of information and beauty!

    ~ Jes

  2. Dot
    Dot says:

    Hi Jenny, my favourite new book of 2010 is the revised “Wild Colour”, such a wealth of information between the covers, I know that for me and many others it is going to provide encouragement to try different dyestuffs and dyeing methods. So glad that both this and your house move went well in 2010, I hope that 2011 will be a good year for you too. Happy Christmas.

  3. cedar
    cedar says:

    Jenny: best to you and yours and we are all thrilled with the new publication, I just received my copy on Hornby Island, which is a tiny island off the coast of British Columbia, and imagine my shock when I saw your new book at the little bookstore here….yippppeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! now I can return the borrowed copy before it becomes stained with walnut fingers….thanks so much for all your help and generosity in the past year, and hope this new year is full of creativity and peace for you….

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