Thanks and Good Wishes

As these photos show, here in the south of England we have had heavy falls of snow and the garden looks so lovely in the wintry light that I couldn’t resist venturing outside with my camera. In the second photo, the very last roses are flowering bravely amidst a blanket of snow.















As the year starts to draw towards its close, I’ve been looking back over the months since my website was set up just over a year ago and reflecting with pleasure on the added dimension it has brought to my life. I have been both surprised and delighted to make contact with so many fellow dyers all over the world and I’d like to thank you for following my blog and sharing your experiences with me. I really value your comments and the links to other websites and blogs, some of which have opened up new areas of interest and experimentation for me. I would also like to thank those of you who have supported my efforts to persuade the publishers to reprint “Wild Colour”. I am still waiting to hear whether we have been successful and I will let you know of any developments in the New Year.

As I write this we are preparing for the arrival of various family members, including our dear granddaughter, now 18 months old, who will be spending the holiday period here with us. So this will probably be my last post until January and I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and all the very best for 2010.

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  1. Pia
    Pia says:

    I wish you a merry Christmas and colourful new year. I wish that your book will be reprinted, as it has been my inspiration each time I have been able to borrow it from my library.

  2. Marian
    Marian says:

    Jenny it has been inspiring to “meet” you. you help me take the first baby steps towards learning something -natural dyeing- which I had been wanting to do for ever… thanks for your knowledge and encouragement…and Im still fightiing for some quebracho… 🙂
    Happy holidays!

  3. cedar
    cedar says:

    Merrry Merry Jenny and clan, and hope your New Year is full and that Wild Colour is on the shelves. You have been a constant sourse of inspiration the past year and I am ever grateful for your research and knowledge…

  4. Helen
    Helen says:

    Happiest of Christmases to you Jenny, you deserve to have a fantastic and relaxing time with your beautiful family. Wishing you all the best and loads of love, Helen xx

  5. Benita
    Benita says:

    Yes, please convince them it needs to be reprinted. Whenever people ask me about good books about natural dyeing, yours is one that always is on the list. It’s a good book with simple instructions, lots of pictures and is the one I recommend for beginners. Of course, I tell people to keep an eye on eBay and used book stores. So if you need a vote to take to your publishers, here’s one!!

    Happy New Year!

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