Good News!

I am delighted to be able to tell you that the publishers have agreed to reprint “Wild Colour” and revised editions will be published in both the UK and the US in September/October 2010.

I shall be making changes to the text of some sections of the book but its appearance will be basically the same.

I would like to thank most sincerely everyone who supported my efforts to secure this reprint and most particularly Mary Walker, who organised the Facebook page and kept the US publishers informed of the degree of interest in the book. Without Mary’s efforts, together with her encouragement and the support of so many people, I am sure this reprint would not be happening, so I am truly grateful to you all. Many, many thanks.

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  1. Colin Walton
    Colin Walton says:

    Fabulous! well done you. Glad to see at long last the power of the people has made the wretched publishers take notice.

    Look forward to seeing it on the shelves again!

    X c

  2. Hanna
    Hanna says:

    Hurrah! What good news! It’s a fantastic book that definitely deserved to be re-issued, and I’m looking forward to finally having my own copy.


  3. Debbie
    Debbie says:

    Not before time! Brilliant news, Jenny. I hope it is as popular as it deserves to be. (I’ll be first in the queue then I can return the copy I have on long-term loan from the library!).


  4. Pam L.
    Pam L. says:

    FANTASTIC!!!! I can not wait to finally own this book! I would have worn out my library copy for sure! Thank you for this great, great news!!! What a wonderful HAPPY NEW YEAR gift to you!!! Congratulations!!!!

  5. Jala Pfaff
    Jala Pfaff says:

    Hi there,
    I just got a copy of this book from the library (in Boulder, Colorado, US). I really love the book. I’ve tried a bit of natural dyeing before, in a workshop, and am looking forward to trying it at home soon. …Elm bark?? Really?? We have too many Siberian elms in our neighborhood and plenty of bark…I think I must try this. I’m only interested in working with linen for now, though. Hope it works on that.

    • Jenny Dean
      Jenny Dean says:

      Many thanks for all your kind & encouraging comments.
      Elm bark should work on linen & will probably give subtle, if not very deep, shades.

  6. Jala Pfaff
    Jala Pfaff says:

    Hi Jenny, (again),
    We must be online simultaneously right now. 🙂
    I think you have 3 different books out, is that right? Could you tell me which one or ones would be best for me to own, if my primary (or even only) interest will be dyeing linen at home in small amounts? Thank you very much!

  7. Kellyjo
    Kellyjo says:

    This is great news!! I will finally have a copy of my own, and just in time for Christmas gifts for my fiber friends.

  8. Benita
    Benita says:

    Woohoo!!! I cannot wait! As soon as it is available, I’ll make sure my LYS orders some. I have a Dye Day event in October and I would love to be able to show people the book they need to buy.

    Thank your publishers from the bottom of our hearts!!!

  9. Helen Melvin
    Helen Melvin says:

    Brilliiant ! Congratulations. I have just told a young student studying natural dyes at Manchester Metropolitan to get one of your books and added sadly Wild Colour is out of print. Really glad to be proved wrong. bw Helen

  10. Malie
    Malie says:

    Fabulous! I know myself and many of my friends who use natural dyes will be getting this first chance we get!

    • Jenny Dean
      Jenny Dean says:

      Again, my most sincere thanks for your kind comments. I really appreciate all the encouragement and support I have been given.

  11. holly
    holly says:

    Great News! I am very excited to try things out. I think i need to put a section of dyers’ plants in the garden this year.

  12. jessica
    jessica says:

    That is great news! I borrowed the book from the
    library and enjoyed pouring over all the information!

    The book will be on my wishlist!

    Have a wonderful New Year,

  13. nicky
    nicky says:

    fantastic!..l’d decided to really treat myself and buy a secondhand one for £80 via amazon, only to find it’s now £185!..a sure indication of it’s popularity…it’s the best book l’ve come across that so clearly explains how to use individual plants..l can’t wait to buy it and hope that l can keep using the library one ’til then!

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