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I’m amazed at the number of comments I’ve received on this blog. Fantastic! I had imagined I’d write posts for months before I had any response & that it would probably come from a friend who felt obliged to give me some encouragement. How little I know about the world of the internet! Also, it is wonderful to realise that people both near & far have read my books & found them useful. As an author one hopes this may be the case but to get some feedback is really great. I do so appreciate it. And so many links to other websites! I fear I may never find time to write my posts, if I allow myself the luxury of looking at them all. How do people do so much? However, I’m now faced with a quandary regarding “blogging etiquette”. Will I be considered rude if I don’t reply individually to each comment I receive? This is what I’ve tried to do so far. But will I find myself in the situation of thanking people for thanking me for thanking them? I can see that this might become irritating for all concerned. Perhaps the correct thing is to issue a “General Thanks” post from time to time & to only reply to comments that ask for a response or raise a particular issue? And of course, in order to write posts I’ll need to find time to do some more experiments so I have new things to write about. This will clearly require some careful thought!

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  1. Beth Grim
    Beth Grim says:

    Thought I’d chime in on your latest writings about responding to blog comments; I’d say don’t worry about responding to them unless you’re especially moved to communicate with the person. Sure, it may be polite to respond to each and every one, but come on! There’s only so much time one wants to be sitting at the computer. I’d much rather see you putting your time into writing your interesting dyeing posts, with an occasional general acknowledgment to folks who comment.

  2. Tricia Cook
    Tricia Cook says:

    I would agree with Beth, just go with the flow. If you feel you need to answer something in particular then do that, other wise, just sometimes acknowledge that you are glad people are finding your blog interesting or of use; which I am most sure they will do. You have a lot of knowledge to impart, so use that time on here to help us who would like to know more. Good Luck blogging. Best Wishes Tricia x

  3. Leena Riihelä
    Leena Riihelä says:

    Hi Jenny,
    I gathered my courage to add a comment and thank you for your books and this blog. I am a natural dyer from Finland and I have three of your books. Your books were the first where I found the idea of natural mordants and your books really gave me new ideas 10 years ago when I got the first of them (I do use alum and iron, because the fastness is important, but then also more toxic mordants were used in Finnish dyebooks and I didn’t want to use them). Thank you.
    I have never used extracts so now you are giving new ideas again:)
    I added a link in my blog to your blog so I hope you get more Finnish readers, too. I write my blog in both Finnish and English, and I dye with mushrooms as well as plants.
    Best wishes

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