Moving house

I’m afraid my posts will probably be very infrequent during the coming weeks, as we are planning to move from Bedfordshire to West Sussex to be nearer our granddaughter and our daughter and her partner.

When we put our house on the market in the new year, we expected it would take many months before we found a buyer and also a property to move to. However, things have proceeded rather faster than we had anticipated and we now face the daunting task of clearing and sorting nearly 34 years of family life in this house. There is just so much to do that we hardly know where to begin. And we shall be moving to a much smaller garden, which means that many of my large plant pots will have to stay here, plus all the treasured plants from so many years of happy gardening. And my dye garden, too, will be a thing of the past – at least until I try to establish a much smaller one in our new garden. The outbuildings will also have to be cleared – something I can’t even bear to think about because they are so full of “stuff”.

The prospect of moving away from what has been the home where we raised our children brings so many mixed emotions. The house is full of memories of happy family times (and a few not-so-happy ones, too, of course) and our children are also feeling sad that the home to which they have returned for so many years will no longer be theirs to come back to. Roger and I feel similar regrets but we are also looking forward to starting a new phase of our lives in fresh surroundings, with the challenge of making another home and garden. It will be lovely to be close enough to be able to play a more active part in our granddaughter’s life, although we are sorry that this move will take us further away from our son, who is based in Cambridge. However, as he has pointed out, he will be able to combine visiting his sister with visiting his parents, instead of having to make two separate trips, so there are positive aspects, too.

However, as we haven’t yet exchanged contracts, I suppose events may slow down again if any problems arise. We are keeping our fingers crossed that all will go smoothly, whilst also remaining aware that there are still several bridges to be crossed before the sale of this house and the purchase of our new one are completed.

I will certainly update my blog with any further developments.

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  1. Sandra Rude
    Sandra Rude says:

    Best of luck with the sale, purchase, and move. Two years ago, my husband and I moved out of a house we had lived in for 21 years, so I appreciate what you mean by “stuff.”

  2. Marian
    Marian says:

    Moving is always hard. Or I find it hard. Not only for the actual physical job of moving stuff, boxes, cleaning, etc… but the emotional attachment one has with simple things and places.
    Too bad about your dye garden! Im starting slowly with mine -fighting to get seeds!- and would hate to leave it after so much work. But hey, as you say… there are always positive sides to things.
    Best of luck to you!!!

  3. Julia Moore
    Julia Moore says:

    What a big transition for you. Thank you for sharing about this. I hope that when you close the door on this chapter of your life, new doors are flung open to show the path to wonderful new opportunities for you in the years to come.

  4. cedar
    cedar says:

    How very courageous of you…I continue to admire you and your dh also and hope things go just as smoothly as possible…

  5. Jane
    Jane says:

    What a wrench Jenny. But your little grandaughter will be a great compensation. I have two little girls two hours away, but our grandsons are in Australia! Thank goodness for the internet – we can see and talk to them regularly.

    I hope the new owners appreciate your dye garden and keep it going, and am sure that the new garden will have compensations for you – something unexpected always seems to turn up in a new garden that is an enchanting surprise.

    I understand about the ‘stuff’! Clearing it is like meeting old friends again, isn’t it?

    Hope the move is smooth, painless and quickly done.


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