Problems viewing my blog?

Two people have told me that they have recently been experiencing problems viewing my blog, so I wonder whether this has affected anyone else?

In an attempt to improve the situation, the settings on my blog have been changed, so only six posts, instead of ten, can now be seen on the first page. This should speed up loading the site.

Perhaps anyone who still has problems could let me know and give me more details, so I can try to sort things out.

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  1. Sandy Gally
    Sandy Gally says:

    I and several of my friends have had no trouble reading your bog. The trouble may not be on your end but theirs.

    And your blog is so enjoyed by so many people here in Arizona. Thank you so much.

    Happy Dyeing,

  2. Sandra
    Sandra says:

    Hi, Jenny, No problems here. The background image takes longer to load than the blog text; perhaps that confuses some people. If they’re on a slow dial-up connection, it might not ever finish loading before their system gives up on it. Just a possibility. By the way, that dahlia pink is amazing. If you manage to reproduce it, we’d all love to hear how you did it!

  3. Doe Arnot
    Doe Arnot says:

    Hi Jenny,
    Fine for me also.

    Today I was thrilled to find ‘Colours from Nature’ in the Dunedin (NZ) university bookshop. I’d been wondering about purchasing it direct from you and there it was on the bookshelf next to another copy! I contemplated buying them both as this one is going to get a bit dye stained. Looking through it tonight I can see it’s going to be the next best thing to having you peering into my dyepots. Thanks for a terrific book, it certainly reflects your 30 years of dyeing experience.
    Regards, Doe.

  4. Judy Jackson
    Judy Jackson says:

    I am a Bloglines subscriber and your blog isn’t coming through. The site link on the left says that there are new posts but when I click on it, the new posts are not in the viewing pane. I hope this helps somehow. I really have enjoyed your blog otherwise and just open it in a new non-bloglines window to read it.

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