Seasons Greetings

The dyepots have been put away & my thoughts now turn to preparations for the arrival of family & friends who will be spending the festive season with us. So this will probably be my final entry for the year & I thought I would end with some images that are typical of the winter season here.

These 2 photos, taken near our home, show the East Anglian landscape in Winter.

This last photo shows our ever-optimistic cat in her characteristic winter role as guardian of the bird table. Note the chicken wire, intended to impede her access to the bird feeding area & which she clears with a single leap, despite her 13 years.

The landscape may be grey & dull at this time of year but our cat’s optimism, as she waits in vain for an unsuspecting bird to fall into her open mouth, seems to sum up the hope we have that the New Year will bring good things for all of us.

I wish everyone all the very best for the festive season & for the New Year & I hope you will continue to follow my blog next year.

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  1. Martine
    Martine says:

    Dear Jenny, yes let us put our dyepots away and await warmer times.
    I love the photo of your cat in the birdhouse. Do you mind if i use that photo on my blog in a while? I may be writing an entry about never giving in or whaiting for better times?
    I wish for you a happy christmas and end of the year and happy gathering with your loves ones.
    Thanks for everything you give on your blog.
    Love and peace

  2. Pia
    Pia says:

    Seasons Greetings from Finland. I am eagerly reading your blog and waiting for the spring time to again continue my experiences with natural dyes.

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