Snow Again!

Large amounts of snow are such a rarity in this part of the South-east of England that I have been out with my camera capturing the moments. On Sunday evening we had about 3  inches of snow, followed by more during the last two nights, so there is now a layer of snow about 5 inches deep over the garden and it is still falling gently. Everywhere looks so beautiful.


This was taken while the snow was falling and shows the weathercock on the roof of my workshop silhouetted against a conifer tree.




img_18351This was taken from an upstairs window, also as the snow was falling. It shows my workshop with the main garden behind. Our large eucalyptus tree is in the background in the centre.


img_1822In this weather our cat has abandoned her position in the birdhouse, leaving it free for the birds to come and enjoy the food we put out each day. If you look very closely you can see one bird on the bird-table and another in the tree behind, waiting its turn.

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  1. Leena Riihelä
    Leena Riihelä says:

    It looks like the winter we have here in Finland:)
    I also saw in the news here that you have an unusually lot of snow, the traffic was jammed in London and there was no school, I understood.
    So nice to see the picture of your garden and workshop even covered with snow.

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