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Sadly, my efforts to persuade Mitchell Beazley, the publishers, to re-print “Wild Colour” have not been successful. So “Wild Colour” will not be re-printed in the foreseeable future, although the situation may be reviewed in a year or two. I shall certainly try again to persuade them, anyway.  It’s so frustrating to know how many people would love to see this book reprinted and yet to be unable to do anything about it myself, because I don’t own the copyright.


My latest book, “Colours from Nature”, has recently been re-printed by Search Press, who also publish my “The Craft of Natural Dyeing”. Search Press have added “Colours from Nature” to their list, so it should now be available in many parts of the world through suppliers of craft books. The contents remain exactly the same but the book has a new cover and a new ISBN number. (978-1-84448-468-3)

“Colours from Nature” is still available directly from me and the cost, including postage, is £11 within the UK and £13 overseas. (Click on “My Books” on the homepage for more details.)

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  1. Pia
    Pia says:

    I sent an email to the mail address you gave. I explained that even here in Finland Wild Colour book is considered as “Bible of natural dye”. I wish I could one day bye my personal copy. Luckily it is availalbe in our local library.

  2. Marian
    Marian says:

    I didn’t know there were so many books!
    I have the craft of natural dyeing, which is like a bible to me. First introduction to natural dyeing. I will try to find the other books and will definetely send an email to that address!

  3. cedar
    cedar says:

    I did my bit, hopefully it works and they reconsider…it is so outrageously ridiculous that their researchers aren’t aware of how much in demand this book is. I still only have a borrowed copy and I am always grateful when the woman I borrowed it from doesn’t need it back yet.
    I think that the world doesn’t realize how many fibre dyers there are,and the fact that so many are turning on to natural dyeing again. good luck and I hope everyone writes to them…I will mention it in my blog and refer to your entry…..

  4. Kirsten
    Kirsten says:

    I made a post to my blog as well as one to the natural dyers group on ravelry referring to your article, I will write an e-mail to the publisher and I keep my fingers crossed …

  5. Meghan
    Meghan says:

    Was your book available at a price-within-reach once? At the US amazon.com site, the one new copy is posted for $400, and the used copies are selling for $99 and up! I’ve heard people writing glowing accounts of the book on other blogs, but my local library has no copy, so your blog – and when other people post excerpts – are my only real access. I’ll add my voice to your publisher, it’s too bad they’re not at least willing to release the copyright if they refuse to publish it…

  6. Mary Walker
    Mary Walker says:

    I’ll also add my voice to the wild groundswell excitement regarding a new printing of the book. It’s simply one of the finest books on the subject, period. My copy leaves my house only on rare occasions and then I watch it like a hawk until it is safely back on the bookshelf.

  7. Claire Valentine
    Claire Valentine says:

    Me too! I’m just back from Woolfest in Cockermouth – 3000 people through the doors on Friday, 3 stalls dedicated to Natural Dyeing, and more than that stocking natural dyes… Last UK Ebay auction ended with lots of bidders at £57 – and the book is recommended all over the place. I do hope Mr Lamb is able to reconsider…

  8. Bridget
    Bridget says:

    I was able to get ahold of this book for a bit last spring through inter-library loan (I love librarians). It was a positively invaluable resource to have, even for a few weeks – I’m going to have to have them get it in for me again next month, in fact. I would buy it in a heartbeat if it came back into print. Will be drafting an email this week and also keeping my fingers crossed.

  9. margit
    margit says:

    ich würde das Buch gern lesen, es ist so schade, daß es
    nicht mehr aufgelegt werden soll. Vielleicht ändert der
    Verleger doch noch seine Meinung?
    Ich hätte zwar Mühe mit der Übersetzung, aber wenn ich
    ein großes Wörterbuch bei habe, wird es gehen.
    take care


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