A Beautiful Day









Today is a beautiful day – warm and sunny, with dappled light through the trees and a gentle breeze stirring the foliage. The sights and scents of my garden remind me that Summer is almost here. The bees hum as they move among the flowers and there is a general atmosphere of peace and tranquility. Never mind that there is still so much work to be done to tend the vegetable and fruit crops and keep the flower beds looking attractive – today is a time for enjoying the garden. The work can wait until another day.










 In late Spring and Summer, my workshop becomes increasingly difficult to access, as the roses and other shrubs spread themselves over the path and encroach on the doorway.











 These are my woad plants from last year, flowering and preparing to produce the seeds for next year. On the ground below these plants, this year’s seedlings are growing and developing the dye potential for dye vats later in the year.



These are the leafy tops of my madder plants, giving no hint of the amazing colour potential of the roots beneath. Madder cannot be described as an attractive plant but, to me, its qualities as a dye plant amply compensate for all its disadvantages as a garden plant.

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  1. Colin Walton
    Colin Walton says:

    Hi there,

    Your garden looks lovely. I don’t recall there being a paved area before. Is this new? I bet its lovely first thing in the morning.

    I went to the common yesterday morning with a new lens to take some close-ups of grasses. It was wonderful with the low-angled light giving shafts of dappled sun through the trees. The new lens is amazing showing the tiniest creature and cobweb on practically every leaf.

    Its on days like this when I really would like to have a garden again…

  2. Helen
    Helen says:

    Hi Jenny

    your garden looks stunning, especially the entrance to your workshop 🙂

    madder looks like it is really taking off, I agree with you that as it holds this amazing secret beneath the ground who cares what the top looks like, its not actually that bad to me, I quite like the look of the plants as they have that wild feel to their appearance.

    Helen x

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