Fungi Galore!

Recently I managed to acquire a selection of fungi, mainly purchased through Leena in Finland, who either had some for sale herself or gave me the details of a supplier. Since then I have been once again exploring the wonderful world of colours from mushrooms. The photo below shows the range of shades I’ve achieved so far.


I tested each fungus using alum-mordanted and unmordanted wool and used washing soda (alkaline) and iron modifiers. I limited my tests to these two modifiers only, partly in order to reduce the number of samples and partly because, in my experience, these are the most useful modifiers. Also, as copper is toxic I try to avoid it where possible.

In my next post I’ll give details of the various fungi I used and the colours I obtained from each.

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  1. Kathy
    Kathy says:

    How exciting! I am anxious for your next blog-gorgeous colors. lots of stuff here in our woods need to work on identifing them Kathyinozarks
    I am very new at this-here is a link to my yarrow project-—new_posts_added

  2. Colin Walton
    Colin Walton says:

    How pretty!

    Try shooting them very close up and at an angle… so you get one very close and one in the distance.

    Oh and I see when you add text AFTER a photo, I think you must be doing returns to get the text lower down.

    What you might find more efficient is to make the alignment of the photo NONE instead of LEFT. That way the text will continue below the photo.

    I hope this makes sense. How are you today? xXX C

  3. cedar
    cedar says:

    What a gorgeous array of color, of course, I am partial to the mushroom dyeing, so I await the next post…the mushrooms here are pretty starved for moisture, the west coast of Canada is dry!..

  4. Marian
    Marian says:

    Hi there!
    I’m a felter and I just got your book The Art of Natural Dyeing… thanks for sharing all your info! it’s been revealing and just so interesting to read!
    Thanks a lot.

  5. Kathy Jolman
    Kathy Jolman says:

    Are you able to post a picture of what the fungi looks like? Love your wide selection of colors.

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