Fungi galore – again

Here are further details of the fungi I used recently and the colours I achieved from each.

Note: A = no mordant, B = 10% alum mordant, 1 = no modifier, 2 = washing soda modifier, 3 =  iron modifier. The order of samples for each fungus is: 1A 1B, 2A 2B, 3A 3B

The extra, usually larger, skeins are from the exhaust dyebaths and are alum-mordanted.


These colours come from a dyebath of a mixture of Cortinarius croceus and other orange- and yellow-gilled species of Cortinarius.


This shows, on the left,  colours from Hydnellum aurantiacum  and on the right, colours from Tapinella atrotomentosa.


These colours are from Phaeolus schweinitzii. The green shades from the exhaust dyebath were modified using iron.


These colours are from Cortinarius sanguineus


These colours are from Pisolithus tinctorius

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  1. cedar
    cedar says:

    Great Colors and thanks for the work, the sanguinea are so bright, I am impressed…and I loved the atrotomentosa the purples are wonderful. I am a big phaeolus schweinitzii fan as we have lots here in the woods, and the variations you got were great…love how they all compliment each other…thanks again for the posting

  2. Helen
    Helen says:

    WOW Jenny the colours are so vivid and exciting. Mushrooms certainly are incredible arent they. Thanks for posting this and your beautiful photographs, the info is very inspiring indeed 🙂

    Huge hugs

    Helen x

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