Fungus-dyed Jacket









 This jacket was knitted using only wool dyed with the fungus Cortinarius semisanguineus, which I obtained from Finland. The pattern is one I devised myself and the front bands have been crocheted rather than knitted. I often use crochet for edgings, partly because it gives a firm border but mainly because it’s quicker. (Yes, I know that speed is not really a valid reason for design choices and I confess to laziness at times!) The skeins from which the upper section of the body was knitted were dyed using different modifiers to give a variegated effect.








This is the reverse of the jacket. The keen-eyed viewer may notice that the colours in the upper variegated section of the back are slightly different from those on the variegated sections of the fronts and sleeves. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough of the same wool for the back, so I used a skein I bought from Leena in Finland, also dyed in Cortinarius semisanguineus. But the colours all seem to blend in well together.


 This is the first in what I plan as a series of knitted cushion-covers, dyed with various fungi. This one was dyed using what remained from the skeins dyed with Cortinarius semisanguineus, after I’d knitted my jacket.

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  1. Leena Riihelä
    Leena Riihelä says:

    It is really nice looking, and even the colors look warm:)
    I’m glad you got to knit something for yourself from the yarns, and you got a lot of color from small amount of mushrooms.

  2. Benita
    Benita says:

    Fungus is something I haven’t gotten into, but it looks like I might have to try it. These are wonderful colors and I love how they blend with one another so well. Sweet jacket!!!

  3. Carol Leonard
    Carol Leonard says:

    Oh, Jenny, what a beautiful jacket! Lovely colours, and I do particularly like the crochet edging. Definitely a design choice and not laziness!

    commenting from the Oregon coast

  4. cedar
    cedar says:

    I am a pink person, but that is because of lobster mushrooms and sanguineas…and that jacket is amazing. great work and the pillows are a wonderful idea.

  5. Doe Arnot
    Doe Arnot says:

    That Jacket is beautiful Jenny, the variegation in the yarns is very effective.
    Space dyeing with natural dyes is a real challenge so using modifiers on part of the skeins is a great idea. I think crochet makes great edgings although I am a little biased.

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