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This is turning out to be a much better experience than I had expected, mainly because so many lovely people have responded so positively to my presence on the web. I still find it hard to believe that my books are known in so many countries around the world.

Also, I’ve been directed to some other natural dyeing blogs or websites & I’m discovering a new world of exciting colours & images. When I added my “favourite” websites to my blog, I was thinking of sites that might be useful to other dyers, more as sources of dyes & materials than as links to other blogs. It was Helen Melvin who kindly pointed me in the direction of Leena Riihela in Finland, whose website & blog have really inspired me – not least to order some Finnsheep fleece & some wonderful mittens (among other things) as my Christmas present from my husband. I’m beginning to realise just why so many people become addicted to the web! All the websites & blogs I’ve visited seem to have so much to offer, that I fear I shall be sorely tempted to spend time reading & looking, rather than adding to my own blog.

So thanks again for all the responses I’ve had & all the directions to the delights to be found on the web. You can share some of these delights by clicking on the links given on the “Comments” pages – but I expect you know that already.

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  1. Dorie van Dijk
    Dorie van Dijk says:

    if you put a translator on your blog (google or babelfish or some ohter) everyone can ‘read’ more or less the post. A very helpfull instrument. And yes there is a lot of inspirational en interesting stuff in cyberworld. Enjoy! greetings Dorie

  2. Siri
    Siri says:

    I’m absolutely tickled to have found you here on the web! Thought you should know that I use Wild Color on a regular basis (the US edition, which, by the way, I feel so fortunate to have bought a copy of while it was still in print). It’s the very first go-to book on my natural dye shelf, and it has travelled with me on various trips as well. And now, here you are, sharing even more experiences, tricks, tips, and info here!

    Please, please, please tell your publisher or agent that there are MANY waiting for a reprint. I’ve repeatedly recommended it but, unfortunately, it’s going for inaccessible prices on amazon these days.

    Well. Welcome to this crazy blogging world. I’m off to add a link to here on my, albeit rather random, list of favorites over on the blog, and then pull a golden marguerite dyebath off the woodstove before crawling in for the night.

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