Spring is Here!

It really seems that Spring has arrived. The woad seeds have germinated and I also have seedlings of basil, tomatoes, calendula and zinnias. Only the weld has so far failed to germinate but I will be patient a little longer. 

Here are some photos of my garden as it is this week. Just to see the lovely Spring colours and to smell the fragrance of the flowers as I walk through the garden lifts my spirits.
















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  1. Colin Walton
    Colin Walton says:

    How pretty! Your garden looks very lush!

    A little garden would be nice again for me. I really fancy a little courtyard with space for some pots and herbs and a few ancient ruins.

    Oh well, in another life time! x

  2. angella
    angella says:

    your garden is so LOVELY. the first rain fell here in the forest early this morn, and the smell lingered until i managed to get outside (thank goodness: all i was this morning was flaring nostrils and grin 🙂 and no real green yet. however the pussy willows are popping out in full force and the songbirds are starting to return.

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